Where Does CEFR Come from?

The CEFR was drafted by the Council of Europe in 1990 as part of a wider effort to promote cooperation among language teachers in all countries in Europe. The Council of Europe also wants to increase the clarity for entrepreneurs and educational institutions that need to evaluate the language skills of prospective employees or students. This framework is intended for use in teaching and assessment.

Instead of being a special test, the CEFR is a collection of ‘can do’ statements that list the functions you will be able to use in a foreign language at any given skill level. For example, one statement at level B1 cefr is “Can generate simple connected texts on a common topic or related to personal interests.” It means that the person with that level will be able to speak and understand about general issues that often happen in the society. Any foreign language teacher can use these ‘do-able statements’ to evaluate your skills and design lessons to address the gap in your knowledge.