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Different forms of diet pills

The problem faced by many people who are considering weight loss such as Leptigen is having the worry about Leptigen scams. If you do so, it is good to collect as many reviews as possible. The ads of diet pills claim they can help you boost your energy, feel more fit, and burn the pounds of weight. Who can guarantee? Will you need exercise and diet program if you can realize your dream with the pills? For your information, with more than 605 of Americans now considered overweight or obese. The next question that occurs in your mind is if the diet pill can deliver a quic fix.

Well, diet drugs are available in several different forms, such as:

– Prescription drug

The prescription drugs are monitored by FDA and centre for drug evaluation and research. The drugs in this category are Meridia and Xenical. They are available with a prescription of the doctor.

– Herbal

Important to know that diet supplements are also available without a prescription. You can find them in health food and nutrition stores as well as in regular supermarkets. Don’t forget to check if the products are safe and clinically tested under the monitor of FDA.

– Over-the-counter

Just like herbal supplements, these are available without a doctor’s prescription. The diet pills considered by FDA are those containing the active ingredient, phenylpropanolamine.

No matter which form of diet pill you are going to buy, you can take some factors into considerations. As mentioned, ingredients, price, quality, pros and cons, and customers’ review are what you can put on your consideration list. To find the best product, you can shop around or go to a local store. In these days, many people also consider buying the products online as another way to get the best quality diet pills. So, where will you go?