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Know Your Furniture Manufacture Base Materials

When we are going to make or buy a furniture like in Marketplace Furniture Store Idaho Falls, usually the manufacturer will offer several choices of materials, material selection will always make a confused and indecisive in making a choice. On this occasion, we will discuss the basic material of furniture.

There are many types of wood board material which can be used as a basic material manufacturing kitchen sets, ranging from multiplex/plywood, MDF, particle board and block board. Below is an explanation of each type of wood boards:

– Solid Wood
As the name implies, solid wood using wood raw material intact, making it stronger and more robust than “wood”. Comparable to its quality, the solid wood furniture with very expensive. The type of wood used for furniture is usually teak. Teak chose because it has a beautiful grain so good for the expose or find and more resistant to weathering or termites. But the price is very expensive, so it is often used for classy furniture or furniture exports.

– Layered (plywood: multiplex, triplex, etc.)
Plywood is the result of glueing / press of a few sheets of wood/plywood / multiplex with high pressure. Plywood has some kind of thickness. Plywood thickness determines the strength of the furniture. Plywood consisting of three pieces of wood known as plywood. Meanwhile, consisting of more than three pieces of wood, called a multiplex. Plywood price is certainly cheaper than solid wood. Plywood is generally used to create a wardrobe, kitchen sets, table, bed, or bookcase.

– MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
MDF is made of fine wood powders are compacted and in-press at high pressure. Because it is made from wood residues, then the price is relatively cheaper than wood types discussed above. MDF wood is a material of wood that is not resistant to water and humidity. Because of this, for areas that have high humidity, we recommend that you should not use MDF wood. In the finishing process, usually, MDF combined with wood finishing with a layer of veneer, HPL, paper coating, or Duco.