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How Air Conditioner Works

Do you know how to work the air conditioner? Air conditioning charge transfers heat from indoors to outdoors. The air conditioner blew cold air into your home by pulling heat out of the air. Air cooled with cold blown through a series of pipes called the evaporator coil. It works like a cooling occurs when water evaporates from your skin. Evaporator coil filled with a special fluid called a refrigerant that changes from liquid to gas. The refrigerant is elevated out of the house to the other coil, where the heat is received and converted back into a liquid. The coil that is outside (outdoor) is called a condenser for the refrigerant is condensed from a gas to a liquid, such as water on the cold windowpane. The refrigerant is used to move between the two coils and changing the refrigerant pressure so that all of the refrigerants evaporates or condenses in the corresponding coil.

The motor that runs the compressor is the thing that driven all of that energy. The entire system will usually provide about 3 times the cooling power of the band is used by the compressor. This happens because the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas and back again allows the gas to move the system more energy than the compressor use. If you have problems with your air conditioner, please contact our aircon servicing and we will help you.